Best British and Irish Flash Fiction 2018-2019

Best British & Irish Flash Fiction 2018-2019

TSS Publishing is proud to present our list of the very best fifty British and Irish Flash Fiction (BIFFY50) 2018-2019.

With huge thanks to our four editors:

Rebecca Williams, Neil Campbell, Elisabeth Ingram Wallace, and Barbara Byar.

Each editor read widely across the last twelve months and their report will be published next week.

The list comprises:

50 flash fiction
40+ authors
25+ journals

Authors have been listed alphabetically, by first name.

Many congratulations to all those who made the list, including the authors, editors, and publishers of these works. We’re delighted to support the thriving Flash Fiction community.


Breaking News Just South of Alice Spring Alicia Bakewell
When Where Doesn’t Matter Alva Holland
Various Histories of Sea Serpents Anita Goveas
You Will Anne O’Leary
Bouncers Barbara Robinson
Domestic Belinda Rimmer
Our Feather Cheryl Pearson
Exchange Rate Chloe Banks
Secrets Blood and Paint Chloe Smith
Boîte Fantôme Chris Stanley
Alligator Christopher M Drew
The Neverlands Damhnait Monaghan
Fool Danny Beusch
The Big Strip Tease Donna L Greenwood
Skyscraper Woman Emma Hutton
The Real Jazz Baby Fiona J Mackintosh
The Chemistry of Living Things Fiona J Mackintosh
Sweetness Frances Gapper
Devil Moon Gary Duncan
Al Fine/To The End Gaynor Jones
The Pelt Collector Gaynor Jones
You’ll Meet Me There Helen McClory
Wild Spanish Boar Jason Jackson
As Beautiful as Blackberry Picking Jason Jackson
Are We Nearly There? Jude Higgins
Small Mercies Karen Jones
Nostalgia is a Blow-up Doll Katie Lodge
Mintursol Kristin Bonilla
Little Bird Laure van Rensburg
Or Hats Linda Grierson-Irish
Second Best Room Lisette Auton
200 years ago we would have been dead by now Louise Mangos
From the Monkey Bars Lydia Unsworth
Ladybird Mary Thompson
The Vague Sounds of Life Mary Thompson
Something in the Moment Matt Hutchinson
Bullseye Meg Pokrass
Piggish Meg Pokrass
Drink Like A Bird Meg Pokrass
Receipts Monica Dickson
Malachy Niamh MacCabe
Commandment Nuala O’Connor
Simple Home Economics Olivia Fitzsimons
Pomegranate Pia Ghosh-Roy
Here Once All Fields Sarah-Clare Conlon
Clapping Sarah Salway
My Father Comforts Me in the Form of Birds Sharon Telfer
Her Safe Word is ‘Circus’ Sharon Telfer
Tom Waits and an Infinite Sadness Stuart Buck
Northern Lights Tim Craig


Every care has been taken with the spelling of titles and author names, but if you see an error, please do email and we will do our best to correct any mistakes as soon as possible.