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Tania Hershman

The Short Story Interview: Tania Hershman

Interview by Samantha James You are a prolific short story, flash fiction and poetry author and have co-edited and co-authored several anthologies of creative ...
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The Short Story Interview: Jane Roberts

Interview by Marie Gethins Jane, you’ve won and placed in many short story and flash competitions and are widely published in literary magazines. How much does...
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Flash Fiction Interview: Safia Moore

Interview by Marie Gethins Safia you’ve won and placed in both short story and flash competitions, but you studied poetry in the past—what’s your process and d...
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Flash Fiction Interview: Clodagh O’Brien

Interview by Marie Gethins Clodagh you’ve had enviable success in a variety of genres—flash, short stories, poetry—what’s your process and do you take a differ...