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Featuring short story and flash fiction writers, and editors.

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The Short Story Interview: Clare Morrall

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Clare, thank you for speaking to us. To start off, perhaps you could tell us when you began writing and at what point you knew it...
Katy Fish

TSS Flash Fiction Interview: Kathy Fish

Interview by Marie Gethins In terms of construction/technique, how is flash fiction different, in your view, from other genres – in particular poetry (includin...
Rhys Milsom

The Short Story Interview: Rhys Milsom

Interview by Rupert Dastur When did you first begin to write and at what point did you know it was something you wanted to make a career from? Writing is some...
Barbara Leahy

The Short Story Interview: Barbara Leahy

Interview by Marie Gethins Barbara you’ve been quite successful in short stories and flash competitions. Do you have a preference? As a reader, I probably ha...
Jo Mazelis

Short Story Interview: Jo Mazelis

Interview by Rupert Dastur In a number of interviews, you explain that given the severe constraints on your time, the short story was the only form that offere...