Featuring short story and flash fiction writers, and editors.

Katy Fish

TSS Flash Fiction Interview: Kathy Fish

Interview by Marie Gethins In terms of construction/technique, how is flash fiction different, in your view, from other genres – in particular poetry (includin...
Rhys Milsom

The Short Story Interview: Rhys Milsom

Interview by Rupert Dastur When did you first begin to write and at what point did you know it was something you wanted to make a career from? Writing is some...
Barbara Leahy

The Short Story Interview: Barbara Leahy

Interview by Marie Gethins Barbara you’ve been quite successful in short stories and flash competitions. Do you have a preference? As a reader, I probably ha...
Jo Mazelis

Short Story Interview: Jo Mazelis

Interview by Rupert Dastur In a number of interviews, you explain that given the severe constraints on your time, the short story was the only form that offere...
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The Short Story Interview: Clare Reddaway

Interview with Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions for TSS Publishing, Clare. I’m looking forward to hearing more about y...
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Flash Fiction Interview: Mark Budman

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Mark, thank you for speaking to us TSS Publishing. My pleasure. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Let’s jump right in a...