Cambridge Short Story Prize 2020, deadline 15th June - £2,350 prize fund


Featuring short story and flash fiction writers, and editors.

Susie Maguire

The Short Story Interview: Susie Maguire

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Susie, it’s great to speak to you about your short story collection The Short Hello and short stories in general. First off, per...
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The Short Story Interview: C. G. Menon

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Catherine, thank you for doing an interview with us, we’re delighted to be able to speak about the short story with you. Could y...
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The Short Story Interview: John Holland

Interview by Rupert Dastur How old were you when you began writing short stories? I have been writing short stories and flash fiction since 2011 when I was 59...
Tracy Fells

The Short Story Interview: Tracy Fells

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hello Tracy. Thank you for speaking to TSS Publishing. Let's dive straight in. Your short stories often concern family. Do your own ...
Tom Vowler

The Short Story Interview: Tom Vowler

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Tom, thanks for speaking to us about your short story writing. Let's begin with your first story in The Method. The story is narr...
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The Short Story Interview: Mark Newman

Interview by Rupert Dastur Mark, thank you for this opportunity. First off, perhaps you could tell us why do you write short stories? I like working within th...
Sean Preston

The Short Story Interview: Sean Preston

Interview with Rupert Dastur Hi Sean, thanks for speaking to us. Perhaps you could tell us a little about yourself? A good place to start is that I’m not from...