Featuring short story and flash fiction writers, and editors.

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Flash Fiction Interview: Rebecca Williams

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Rebecca! What was your introduction into Flash Fiction? I fell into flash fiction last autumn, after finishing the first draft o...
Eileen Merriman

Flash Fiction Interview: Eileen Merriman

Interview by Sandra Arnold Thank you for agreeing to do this interview Eileen. You have had extraordinary success as a writer with the recent publication of tw...
Crista Ermiya

The Short Story Interview: Crista Ermiya

Interview by Katy Wimhurst You’ve had a book of short stories published, The Weather in Kansas. What is it about the short story form that appeals? For a writ...
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The Short Story Interview: Kit de Waal

Interview by Rupert Dastur Over the last few months, I’ve spoken to a range of authors and professionals about the state of the publishing industry, with a par...
Zoe Gilbert

The Short Story Interview: Zoe Gilbert

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Zoe, thank you for taking the time out to answer some questions. With the launch of your book Folk (Bloomsbury 2018), this must b...