Cambridge Short Story Prize 2020, deadline 15th June - £2,350 prize fund


Featuring short story and flash fiction writers, and editors.

Ailsa Cox

The Short Story Interview: Ailsa Cox

Interview by Samantha James You have had an impressive career as a successful short fiction author, editor, teacher and genre expert, yet your biography simply...
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The Short Story Interview: Chuma Nwokolo

Interview by Jennifer Emelife There's hardly a Chuma Nwokolo story that wouldn't leave its reader cracking up, even at serious situations. How have you been ab...
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The Short Story Interview: Colin Barrett

Interview by Foye McCarthy Hi, Colin. A lot gets said (by writers like Richard Ford, etc.) about short story writing basically being a national art form for th...
Lisa McInerney

The Short Story Interview: Lisa McInerney

Interview by Marie Gethins Lisa, your short and long fiction has won huge international praise, but you got your start by blogging. Can you talk a bit about bl...
Liam Hogan

The Short Story Interview: Liam Hogan

Interview by Rupert Dastur Liam, great to have you back here on TSS. Your debut collection of short stories is about to be released in just a few days. What ar...