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The Short Story Interview: Ashley Stokes

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Ashley, thanks for speaking to us here at TSS. Let’s begin by asking where your passion for the short story originates and at wha...
Zsuzsi Gardner

The Short Story Interview: Zsuzsi Gartner

 Interview by Marie Gethins You’ve had great success and won awards in journalism and as a short story writer. Do you feel your background in journalism inform...
K J Orr

The Short Story Interview: K J Orr

Interview by Rupert Dastur and Samantha James Thank you very much for speaking to us. I wonder if you would be happy to begin by telling us about your jour...
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The Short Story Interview: Kirsty Logan

Interview by Katy Wimhurst and Rupert Dastur When did you start writing and why do you think people turn to telling stories? I've written stories since I was ...