Flash Fiction Results

TSS Flash Fiction 400 Competition, winter 2018

We are pleased to announce the TSS Flash 400 winners for the winter competition. Flash Fictions have been listed alphabetically. Earlier winners can also be found below.

With thanks to all those who entered.

TSS Flash 400 Winners (winter 2018)

1st Place

The Grieving Gallery Attendant is Going to Quit, by Anika Carpenter

2nd Place

Catechism by Adam Lock

3rd Place

In My Dream I See My Son by Jason Jackson

Highly Commended

A Touch of Blood – Stephan Meijerhof

No Plans – Paul Jenkins

Face Full of Quills – Jasmine Templet

Comments from Guest Judge, Emily Devane:

First, I’d like to thank Rupert for inviting me to judge this brilliant competition. It has been a huge honour reading the stories – and so many of them will stay with me long after reading. We had a few tough choices to make, and had to part with some stories we loved, several of which were a tantalising tweak away from being winners. For the pieces that didn’t quite make it, I sincerely hope to see them out there in other competitions and lit mags.

The stories we chose are the ones that stayed with us, where each re-read rewarded us with new layers. The writer of third-placed ‘In my dream, I see my son’ impressed us with their technical skill – the use of time in particular, and those details that make a life – culminating in a gorgeous last line. In second place, ‘Catechism’ worked on different levels. It’s a witty piece and we loved the unusual question and answer structure, the way it builds momentum and finishes on the perfect note. Finally, first-placed ‘The Grieving Gallery Attendant is Going to Quit’ shows a remarkable moment between two people, where the actions of one has a profound impact on the other. We loved the quirky tone, the arresting imagery and that satisfying conclusion, provided in part by the – quite brilliant – title.

Previous winners of the TSS Flash 400 competitions

Boy in a Bearskin, Joanna Campbell

Sweet William by Alicia Bakewell

Learning to Speak Dolphin by Angela Readman

Second Skin – Jo Gatford

When last We Spoke – Douglas Jensen

‘Cubism’ by Adam Lock

‘Maria Belfiore’s Shoes’ by Emily Devane

‘What She Carried’ by Kevin Kissane