trench war

‘James’s War’ by Amelie Rye (Age 8)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

trench warThe soldiers next to me are shivering in fear, I can hear their prayers of help. I can feel my locket with an old tattered photo of my family as the sea rumbles and splashes my hand. It’s so cold and wet.

I miss my home dearly. The glimmering trees with blinding colours as the setting sun paints the ocean with a golden light. Birds cheeping in the fresh air, as the foxes snuggle up with their scarlet-red fur, grass warm and fluffy and deep furry and snuggling as the foals play joyfully, dashing through the fields, nibbling on apples and hay. As the hedgehogs scuttle across the forest floor, crunching through the leaves. As deers gallop through the forest, watching the trees glimmer in the sun. As the morning after brings happiness to everything in the fresh Autumn days, as the wind keeps you fresh and cool in the breezy days, as the squirrels clutter, as the rabbits rummage through their tunnels to get to their families safely.

The war is making that seem monstrous.

As the bombs explode, it’s like the world is ending. I pray I survive.


Amelie lives in Norfolk and likes swimming, rollerskating and riding her bike. Her favourite animal is a cat. 

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