Inspired by a Tweet, we’re introducing the Letters Page.

Have you read a short story or a novel or a whole shelf of books by a writer you absolutely love? And have you thought about how great it would be to tell them so? Perhaps you’ve imagined asking them questions about their work and their views about life?

Well, now you can! (Sort of.)

We’re accepting your Fan Letters to writers around the world (contemporary or historical) & will publish the best letters (emails!) on the site. There must be an emphasis on writing and literature in general and not much more than about 750 words.

If you’d like us to Tweet said author, we can do this too. Why not. As long the letter’s suitably positive & polite.

Anonymous letters are fine, just indicate this in your email.

You’re also welcome to send us a letter that’s about the publishing or writing life more generally and if we love it, up it goes.

Please send your letter to: with ‘Letter’ in the subject line. Please note only the most engaging letters will be published.

Happy lettering!