Microfiction: ‘Hypocrisy’ competition winners

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Twitter Fiction Competition




El Rhodes


H=hubris & vanity wild
Y=yelling at MPs reviled
P=patience now at an end
O=outraged, a consensus did rend
C=something carefully redacted
R=rage extended protracted
I=thee and me all us as one
S=sorrow at what they’ve done
Y=yelling again Tues at 8

Stay in & safe it’s not 2 late


Adam Evans


I have sat redundant for endless days watching twigs bud to leaves in ever greener shades and missed and missed and missed you whilst my contagious sage drives to Durham and back middle fingers raised.


Julie Runacres

handkerchiefsMy daughter has Covid.
Her husband has Covid.
The 2-year-old was coughing.
The baby has a temperature.
They stayed at home.
Ran out of milk and paracetamol.
Fed the baby all night.
Took turns to cope with the toddler.
Obeyed the LAW.


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