Microfiction: ‘My News, by Ollie Barker, Year 4’ by Tricia Lowther

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Highly Commended in the BIFFY50 Microfiction competition.

pasta-on-the-floorDaddy fell over again yesterday.

I was watching SpongeBob SquarePants, when a crash came from the kitchen. He landed against the washing machine. My red school sweatshirts spun around above his head. I didn’t see blood, but he looked like he might cry. I picked up the pasta, and pieces of my Batman bowl, and sat by him until Mummy came home.

There are fifteen presents and cards with my name on in Daddy’s wardrobe. Mummy cried when I asked why. My birthday is months away.

I can always get another Batman bowl.


Tricia Lowther is a freelance writer from Northern England. Her work has been published across numerous outlets, including Writer’s Forum, Mslexia, and Event poetry and prose. Tricia was an award winner in the UK’s Creative Future Literary Awards 2017. She’s on Twitter @TrishLowt where she tweets about books, writing, the environment, politics, feminism, and cats.