Postcard Fiction: Recipe for a Sleepless Night, by Sherri Turner

Reading Time: < 1 minute




1 big worry
2 missed opportunities
1 large pinch of hopelessness
3 level tsp of things you said
½ lb of things you should have said
Freshly picked regret
Panic to taste


i) Make room comfortable
ii) Avoid caffeine
iii) Turn off the light
iv) Close your eyes and let ingredients settle
v) Mix well
vi) Turn on the light
vii)Watch ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ for at least 2 hours
viii) Repeat from (i) until daylight
ix) Confirm that your alarm will go off in two minutes exactly.


Postcard Fiction by Sherri Turner, Surrey (U.K.); ‘over 18 (by quite a lot)’.

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