Postcard Project

TSS is delighted to be launching the International Postcard Project.

Between 1st March and 31st August 2021, we’re accepting microfiction, flash fiction, prose poems, and creative non-fiction via postcard, from all over the world. This is a celebration of international creativity and if possible, we’ll be looking to run an exhibition showcasing postcards and writers from all around the world.

Every month, we’ll publish the postcards online that are sent to us.

Read the latest submissions here.

How to send us your work

Step One (required)

Write your story* (in English, using your best handwriting) on the back of a postcard and send** it to:

TSS Postcard Project
PO Box 77404

* Please remember to add a title and your name (pseudonyms are fine).
**Please remember to pay the correct postage!

Step Two (optional, but very helpful & quite sensible!)

Please note you must do this step if you want us to provide a transcript online of your story. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to type up every postcard.

Send us an email with:

– the transcript of your story in the body of the email
– your name (pseudonyms are fine)
– age (an approximation is okay, if you’re shy!)
– where you’re from (country and region).
– A photo of the back & front of your postcard.

That’s it!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Stories must be written on a postcard.
  2. Stories must be in English.
  3. Stories must be the work of the author alone and not infringe on the copyright of others.
  4. Correct postage must have been paid for.
  5. TSS reserves the right not to publish any stories that it deems inappropriate or offensive – for example stories that contain unnecessary racism, homophobia, or sexism.
  6. The author grants TSS Publishing First Worldwide Digital Rights to the story and grants TSS Publishing the right to use the story in any subsequent exhibition.

For any questions, please contact