Broadening the number of resources The Short Story brings its readers, we are extremely pleased to provide this set of podcasts, courtesy of the Florida Centre of Instructional Technologies (FCIT) from the University of South Florida (USF).

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This set of twenty five short story podcasts is from Sherwood Anderson’s influential short story collection Winesburg, Ohio (1919).

Source: Anderson, S. (1919) Winesburg, Ohio. New York, NY: B.W. Huebsch.


1.The Book of the Grotesque An aging writer ponders the many people he has met and the stories he has heard in his lifetime.


2. Hands, concerning Wing Biddlebaum The story of Wing Biddlebaum, a man with few friends who experienced a horrible ordeal earlier in his life.


3. Paper Pills, concerning Doctor Reefy The story of Dr. Reefy and his brief, but happy marriage to a much younger woman.


4. Mother, concerning Elizabeth Willard An infuriated Elizabeth Williard devises a plan, but succumbs to fatigue before she can carry it out.


5. The Philosopher, concerning Doctor Parcival Doctor Parcival tells George of his past in Dayton, Ohio and shares the secret of human life.


6. Nobody Knows, concerning Louise Trunnion George’s visit with Louise Trunnion fills him with a sense of pride and embarrassment.


7. Godliness, a Tale in Four Parts: Part 1, concerning Jesse Bentley The Civil War brings many changes to Jesse Bentley’s life.


8. Godliness, a Tale in Four Parts: Part 2, also concerning Jesse Bentley Many years later, Jesse is visited by his grandson.


9. Godliness, a Tale in Four Parts: Part 3, Surrender, concerning Louise Bentley The tale of Louise Bentley, her marriage to John Hardy and the birth of her only child.


10. Godliness, a Tale in Four Parts: Part 4, Terror, concerning David Hardy David, now fifteen, is once again frightened by his grandfather’s strange behaviour.


11. A Man of Ideas, concerning Joe Welling Joe Welling uses his natural talents to achieve success in Winesburg.


12. Adventure, concerning Alice Hindman Alice Hindman continues to pine for her past lover.


13. Respectability, concerning Wash Williams After encountering George on the street, Wash Williams feels compelled to tell his story to the young reporter.


14. The Thinker, concerning Seth Richmond The story of Seth Richmond and his friendship with George Willard.


15. Tandy, concerning Tandy Hard How Tandy Hard comes by her name.


16. The Strength of God, concerning the Reverend Curtis Hartman The Reverend finds himself tempted by sin.


17. The Teacher, concerning Kate Swift Kate, captivated by George, pays him a visit.


18. Loneliness, concerning Enoch Robinson The story of Enoch Robinson and his attempt to lead a normal life.


19. An Awakening, concerning Belle Carpenter George’s attempt to impress Belle Carpenter is unexpectedly interrupted.


20. “Queer”, concerning Elmer Cowley Elmer, feeling isolated and unhappy, lashes out at George.


21. The Untold Lie, concerning Ray Pearson Hal Winter’s situation causes a brief feeling of bitterness to overcome Ray Pearson.


22. Drink, concerning Tom Foster An intoxicated Tom Foster has a conversation with George Willard.


23.Death, concerning Doctor Reefy and Elizabeth Willard As her life comes to a close, Elizabeth Willard shares her life experiences with Doctor Reefy.


24. Sophistication, concerning Helen White George Willard experiences “a moment of sophistication” and sets out to find Helen White.


25. Departure, concerning George Willard George prepares to leave Whitesburg.