TSS Publishing is seeking translation and multilingual editors to join the family.

As a publisher, we want to take advantage of the times we live in – a time in which technology allows us to reach places and people beyond our borders – to connect readers with content that’s as wide-ranging as this wide world.

We’d like start publishing works of short fiction online in other languages, as well as translations of short fiction into English and vice versa.

The role is virtually based, so can be done anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Translation and Multilingual Editors will have full responsibility for:

Translation Submissions / Submissions in other languages
Fiction selection & edits
Responding to Submitters
First Readers (if required / desired)
The direction of TSS Publishing in terms of our translation goals

As this will be a new venture for TSS, we will also work closely with any successful applicants to tailor the role to suit their needs while ensuring we remain in line with our ethos.

Please note:

A high level of experience in the arts of translation and short fiction is required.
Previous experience working on a journal is not required, but a large positive.
Applicants will have a strong network of writers and translators they can reach out to and encourage writers and readers from other countries to submit work.
An active presence on social media is also a plus – we want our Editors to help spread the news about the writers they’ve selected for publication.
While this role is voluntary, we continually look for ways to offer our editors some financial renumeration and this can be through workshops, critiques, feedback options etc., and we’re happy to discussing this with any applicants.

Please contact Rupert – rupert@theshortstory.co.uk – if you are interested, outlining any relevant experience. In the subject line, please put: Translation Editor.