Cambridge Short Story Prize 2020, deadline 15th June - £2,350 prize fund


Maggie Harris

The Short Story Interview: Maggie Harris

Interview by Rupert Dastur Hi Maggie, thank you for speaking to us here at TSS, it’s a real pleasure. Thank you so much for inviting me, and for your interest...
Jo Mazelis

Short Story Interview: Jo Mazelis

Interview by Rupert Dastur In a number of interviews, you explain that given the severe constraints on your time, the short story was the only form that offere...
Meg Pokrass

TSS Flash Fiction Interview: Meg Pokrass

Interview by Rupert Dastur  Hi Meg, thanks for speaking to us, it’s great to speak to fellow writers from across the pond. Thank you for interviewing me. And ...
Kate Cayley

The Short Story Interview: Kate Cayley

Interview by Samantha James Your debut short story collection, How You Were Born, won the 2015 Trillium book award for the best Ontario-published book in Engli...